About Us

Sue’s grandfather passed away in 2013. At his grandfather’s funeral, everyone was immersed in grief. Sue wondered what he could do in the face of the death of a loved one. After returning home, Sue designed a necklace that could hold ashes. Sue felt that his grandfather was still with him. He hoped that more people would strike a chord with him. As a result, he began selling the necklaces online.

FanerySue established a community where those who had lost a loved one could share their heartwarming stories. In order to help more people face separation and death properly, Sue took psychology courses and became a psychologist. He advises people to write down their memorable moments in a journal so that they can keep all the love and memories forever. Therefore he designs beautiful journals.

FanerySue is dedicated to making your stories and your loved ones your inspiration. Whether you are remembering those who have passed or celebrating a new accomplishment, FanerySue can make it last a lifetime. Your memories and our craftsmanship will make sure you never forget what matters most.