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Dogs are man's best friend and companion. For some people, dogs are essential family members, treating them as children, as brothers and sisters. When the pets die, the grief is beyond words, and most people can only heal this pain through time. FanerySue is an online store specialized in customizing pet memorial gift including pet memorial stones, pet urn necklace, pet keychain.

Commemorating your pet forever with pet memorial stones is a great way to remember all the good times you shared with your pet. We provide exclusive customization service for your pet memorial stones, you can provide pet's photo, name, date of birth and death, and what you want to say about it. We will engrave the words you want to say on the pet memorial stone, which is usually made of bluestone, marble, granite and other materials. Nearly all the pet memorial stones can be placed in outdoor environment, you can place them in garden, grave or yard. Get one pet memorial stone can be an urgent thing for people who lost their pets.