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10 Ideas for Dealing With Ashes After Cremation

10 Ideas for Dealing With Ashes After Cremation

Cremation is a new trend, if you are hesitate about how to deal with the death of your loved one. You might consider cremation. Comparing with traditional burial, cremation give us a variety of options for dealing with the cremated remains. The National Funeral Directors Association has predicted that by 2035, nearly 80% of Americans will opt for cremation.

Here we list 10 ideas to deal with the cremated ashes.

1. Place the ashes in a columbarium

Urns are usually buried in cemeteries or placed in niches or mausoleums. A columbarium, also called a cinerarium, is a structure for the reverential and usually public storage of funerary urns holding cremated remains of the dead. (Quoted from Wikipedia). If you want to bury the ashes, a cremation urn is necessary.

2. Distribute the ashes to family members

If more than one person want to keep the cremated ashes of the deceased one, the mini keepsake urn can be your best choice. It can be used to preserve a small tablespoon of ashes, hair, dried flowers,etc. Every family member can get one mini keepsake urn with ashes to memorize the lost one.

Fanery Sue personalized cremation urns keepsake are welcomed by people who have lost lovers, you can customize the photo and memorial words. Two sizes are available: 1.5 tablespoons, 3 tablespoons.

3. Turn the cremated ashes into jewelry

Wearing ashes jewelry allows individuals to keep the memory of their loved ones close to them, providing comfort and a tangible connection. It can serve as a meaningful and personal tribute. Ashes jewelry comes in various designs, including pendants, cremation urn necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and more. The designs can range from simple and discreet to elaborate and personalized. Fanery Sue heart cremation urn necklaces for ashes are popular among global customers.

You can customize it with a photo of your lost loved one and any text/message, such as the names, dates and your personal sayings. This Urn necklace can be customized with a photo of your passed loved one and the message you'd like to remember. Take the memories of your best Love with you no matter where you go. It is not only an ornament, but also an ash holder.

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4. Scatter the ashes into sea

Sea scattering, also known as ocean scattering or ash scattering at sea, is a ceremonial practice in which the cremated remains (ashes) of a deceased person are scattered into the ocean. This method of disposition is chosen by individuals or families who have a connection to the sea, love for maritime environments, or a desire for a unique and symbolic way to release the ashes. U.S. federal law requires that the site be at least three nautical miles (approximately 3.45 miles) from shore. Most harbors in the United States offer boating services that can be rented for sea scattering events. For sea scattering events, it is important to have a boat large enough to accommodate the size of the group. Many people choose locations that hold special meaning for the deceased or the family. Be sure to check in advance if the captain is willing to take you to the location.

5. Plant a memorial tree with the ashes

When your family member has passed away, planting a tree in his name is a great way to honor him. Memorial trees planted in the forests serve as a lasting, meaningful tribute in honor of someone special. Mix the soil with cremated ashes, let the ashes become part of the tree, which contribute to the enviroment. It is a meaningful way to honor life and give back to the planet.

6. Use the ashes to make a portrait

Creating a portrait using the ashes of a deceased loved one is a unique and symbolic way to memorialize them. Seek out an artist or artisan experienced in creating memorial art using ashes. There are professionals who specialize in incorporating cremated remains into various artistic pieces. Have a conversation with the artist to discuss your vision, preferences, and any specific elements you'd like to include in the portrait. Typically, you'll need to provide a small portion of the cremated remains to the artist. They will mix the ashes with the paint and create the portrait.

7. Turn the ashes into a diamond

Turning ashes into a diamond is a process known as "memorial diamond" creation. This unique and symbolic method allows individuals to memorialize a loved one by transforming their cremated remains into a synthetic diamond. The diamond producer will analyze the carbon source from the ashes. Diamonds are made of carbon, and the carbon extracted from the cremated remains is used as the base material.

The process involves high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) or chemical vapor deposition (CVD) techniques to mimic the natural conditions under which diamonds are formed. The carbon is subjected to these conditions, gradually forming a synthetic diamond.

8. Light the ashes up into the sky

Turning ashes into fireworks is a unique and innovative way to celebrate the life of a loved one with a spectacular display of lights and colors. This process involves incorporating a small portion of the cremated remains into fireworks, allowing them to be scattered in the sky during a memorial event. Heavenly Stars is a company that can incorporate the ashes of a loved one into fireworks.

9. Carry the ashes into space

Carry the ashes into space is a uniquely compelling memorial experience. A personalized flight capsule carries ashes into orbit. The capsule may circle the Earth for decades, re-entering the atmosphere at some point and harmlessly vaporizing like a shooting star. Celestis is a company focus on the spaceflight memorial service since 1994.

10. Turn the ashes into artwork

Ashes can be made into various artworks, here are some ideas:

Mosaics: Create a mosaic using small fragments of colored glass or tiles along with the ashes.
Glass art: such as a glass sculpture, vase or ornament.
Ink art: Incorporate ashes into ink and use it for drawings or calligraphy. The unique texture and composition can add a special element to the artwork.
Engravings on Wood or Stone: Have the ashes engraved onto wood or stone surfaces. This can be a personalized and lasting way to create a memorial piece.
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