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When your loved one passed away, you must be in deep grief. A keepsake urn is what you need. Keepsake urn is a small version of adult urns, which can be used to place 1 tablespoon of ashes. They are widely called as keepsake cremation urns, mini keepsake urns, cremation keepsake urn, etc.

Why do we need keepsake cremation urns?

With it, the cremated ashes can be divided into several parts, so that every family can keep their memory. You can also place this small urn in a private place if you want,

Can I customize the keepsake urn?

If you prefer personalized keepsake urn with unique design, you shall browse our keepsake urns. We support customization of keepsake urns, you can upload pictures and text you want to carve on the mini keepsake urn. It can not only be used for human ashes but also for pet ashes. A small keepsake urn with your pets' ashes can help you remember the lovely passed pets forever.