Keep Your Fur Baby Close to Heart

Pet memorial jewelry is designed to commemorate and honor a beloved pet that has passed away. These pieces often contain elements such as the pet's name, paw prints, or other symbols associated with pets. Some common types of pet memorial jewelry include necklaces, bracelets, keychains, and lockets. People often wear these pieces as a way to keep the memory of their pet close to them and to provide comfort during the grieving process. Find your pet memorial keepsake at Fanery Sue, we provide various pet memorial keepsakes for your selection.

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Pet loss brings us intense sadness; they are more like family to us. Pets bring companionship and joy to our lives. If you live alone, your pet is your only companion. Then the death of your pet will be a great shock to you. You need some ways to face the pain and calm the grief. Pet memorial jewelry is one of the significant ways. They are designed to honor the departed pets and keep your treasured memories alive.

We offer various pet memorial jewelry including pet urn necklace, pet memorial stone, pet picture necklace and pet keychain. All these pet memorial jewelry can be customized by adding photo, special symbol, or memorial words, special date,etc. It comes in various shapes, types, prices, etc.

Pet Urn Necklace

If you are looking for something that can preserve the ashes and can be carried around, pet urn necklace can be your choice. It has a small component inside to hold ashes, a lock of pet fur, soil, or other private items,etc. Pet urn necklaces allow us to keep the beloved pets close to our hearts forever.

Pet Memorial Stone

Pet memorial stones are commemorative items designed to honor and remember beloved pets that have passed away. These stones are typically made from durable materials such as natural stone, concrete, resin, or metal, and they are often personalized with inscriptions, engravings, or imagery that celebrate the life and memory of the pet. They can be customized to reflect the unique personality and characteristics of the pet. This may include engraving the pet's name, birth and passing dates, a heartfelt message, or a favorite quote. Some memorial stones also feature customizable imagery such as paw prints, animal silhouettes, or decorative motifs.

Pet Photo Necklace

Pet photo necklace allows pet owners to carry a cherished image of their beloved pet with them wherever they go. These necklaces typically feature a pendant or locket that contains a small photograph of the pet. Pet photo necklaces come in a variety of designs, ranging from simple pendants to more elaborate lockets. Fanery Sue pet photo necklaces are made of stainless steel and adorned with decorative elements such as gemstones, engravings, or paw print motifs.

Pet Keychain

Pet keychains are small accessories designed to hold keys while also serving as a decorative reminder of a beloved pet. Pet keychains come in various designs, often featuring miniature representations of popular pet breeds or animals. Fanery Sue offer customization options, allowing pet owners to personalize the accessory with their pet's name, photo, or other details. Customized keychains can be ordered from specialty retailers or online platforms that offer personalized pet products.