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Things to Do When Someone Dies

Things to Do When Someone Dies

The death of loved ones is the most painful thing in life. The sudden bad news caught you off guard, and you were immersed in grief and couldn't extricate yourselves. But you have more to do than grieve. Knowing the death checklist is so necessary that many families and individuals don't know where to start. When a loved one dies suddenly, you may feel at a loss as to what to do first. Read this article and we will give you some advice. This article is suitable for those who have lost a loved one, it will give you a very good guide.

Things to Do When Someone Dies

Obtain legal death document

If your loved one dies in the hospital, the working staff in hospital will do the formalities for you and help you obtain a death certificate. If they died at home, you will need to contact the funeral home staff to transport the dead body as soon as possible to prevent the body from decomposing. Only hospital staff or a funeral home coroner can declare a person's legal death.

death property document

Planning a funeral or memorial service

It will save you a lot of energy and time if your deceased loved one discusses funeral matters with you before. If not, you need to plan these things ASAP. Choosing between burial and cremation is something that most people hesitate to decide. Few people have a detailed understanding of these two burial methods. Choosing cremation is easier, less expensive and more flexible. The cost of burial is high, but many people still prefer burial. Budgeting for a funeral is something most families care about. If you want to know more details, you can read "How Much does a Funeral Cost?".

Notify relevant parties

It is crucial to notify the family and friends of the deceased. Every family is different, and you can decide who to notify based on your own circumstances. Some close family members or friends can help with funeral planning and other matters. For friends with normal relationship, you can wait until the memorial service and then notify them together. In addition, there are some institutions that may also need to be notified.

Insurance institution: If the deceased had purchased insurance before his death, show the legal death document to the insurance institution. Some insurance categories can admire death benefits, which can cover part of the funeral expenses and reduce the burden on the family.
Financial broker: If the deceased did not leave a will, or you do not know the property of the deceased, you may need to find his property manager to understand the property status of the deceased. Dealing with an estate is a very lengthy process, during which it is important to keep clear financial and chat records.

Arranging a memorial service or funeral

A memorial service is a meaningful way to honor and remember someone who has passed away. It provides an opportunity for family, friends, and loved ones to come together to pay tribute to the deceased and celebrate their life. A memorial service allows individuals to reflect on the life and accomplishments of the person who has passed away. It provides a space to share stories, memories, and anecdotes that highlight the unique qualities and experiences of the individual. If you have no idea about the ceremony, please read "How to Hold Cremation Ceremony?".

Protect property left by the deceased

Check whether there is gold or jewelry in the deceased's home, and if so, keep it in time to avoid loss. There is unfinished food in the refrigerator, which also needs to be disposed of in time. Unoccupied houses need to turn off water, electricity and gas to prevent fires. Executing the will of the deceased is also very important. You need to notify the people involved in the will as soon as possible, and deal with the property left by the deceased according to the will of the deceased.

protect property of the death

Get him a meaningful condolence gift

Grieving the death of a friend or a family member is the hardest thing to do. Even if your friend had just lost her family member, you will feel upset for her. Get her a meaningful condolence gift that she needs- a cremation necklace or a locket pendant. Urn necklace is used to hold the cremated ashes of the deceased one and the locket pendant is used to preserve the photo of your loved one. The memorial words can be carved on the back of these memorial gifts.

locket necklace

Arrange for leftover children or pets

Looking after children or pets left by the deceased can be the most significant thing. If the child of the deceased is underage, it is necessary to contact relatives or the local orphanage to start the adoption process. Pets are also loyal partners of human beings, please don't abandon them at will and let them become stray dogs or cats. You can post an adoption announcement to see if any friends are willing to adopt a pet that has lost its owner. For a period of time after the death of the deceased, we should always pay attention to the physical and mental state of children and pets, and let them cheer up.

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