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10 Meaningful Pet Memorial Gifts

10 Meaningful Pet Memorial Gifts

Pets are our closest companions. Losing a pet is like losing your closest family member. Pet gifts can help us ease the pain of losing a pet. If your friends and family members are going through the pain of losing a pet, you may also want to consider sending a pet memorial gift to that person. A thoughtful gift would be heartwarming. We list some meaningful pet memorial gifts in this article, take this guide as a reference.


1. Pet Memorial Frame

A pet memorial frame is a meaningful gift to preserve your pet's photo. Even if they passed away, they will always accompany you. The featured pet design with a quality frame makes it a special gift for all people. A picture of you and your dog combined with a personalized pet memorial frame can be a precious memory.

pet memorial frame


2. Paw Print Stepping Stone

Paw print stepping stone is a perfect way to memorize your pet in the garden. It well preserves the paw print of your dogs. If your dog is about to pass away, you can preserve its paw print in advance. Find someone to make a paw print stepping stone. If your pet has been dead for a long time, making a paw print stepping stone can be a little difficult unless you have kept the paw print of your dog before.

paw print stepping stone


3. Pet Memorial Wind Chime

For those who have lost a loved one, the gentle sound of a wind chime is a reminder that they are close by. The melodic sound of the wind chime reminds them of the love and connection they shared with their deceased pets Wind chimes are usually hung outside our doors, and the soft, musical sound of the breeze brings joy and peace to our hearts. When the chimes ring, it is as if we are hearing our pet's voice, and everything is so warm and welcoming.

pet memorial wind chrime


4. Pet memorial stone

Pet memorial stones are a great way to honor your pet and these are often placed in gardens, yards. They can also be placed in pet cemeteries if you choose to bury them or place their ashes after cremation. It is usually made from different materials including slate, granite, marble and more. Most importantly, we can honor our pets by personalizing a pet memorial stone. Personalization service includes engraving the pet's name on the stone, its date of birth or date of death, using a photo of the pet.


5. Pet Memorial Lantern

Beautiful pet remembrance lantern can help us memorize our lost pet, this thoughtful grief gift can comfort our sadness of losing pet. This lantern has a built in LED candle. When the candle is lit, it means it can illuminate and comfort our hearts. The warmth of the light also warms our hearts at the same time.

pet memorial lantern


6. Books about the death of pets

If you and your children have no way of coming to terms with the death of your pet, try to find peace of mind and calm in books. Books about pet loss can help adults and children explain death in a comfortable way.The Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss writtern by Russel Friedman, Cole James, John W. James is a popular book about pet loss. Pets are like family to us, and their deaths can cause unpredictable pain. Read this book and join the journey together to help ease the pain of losing a pet.This book tells the story of an owner's experience during the time of their pet's impending death and helps the mourner overcome the loss and grief. The book is very informative and covers a wide range of issues following the death of a pet.


7. Pet Cremation Necklace.

Making jewelry from your pet's cremated ashes is a perfect choice for pet lovers. It's a unique way to memorialize a pet. With a mini urn inside the cremation necklace that can be used to hold a small portion of the ashes and hair. You can also customize your pet urn necklace with a photo of your pet and memorial text/meaningful date. Pet cremation necklaces bring us peace.

pet urn necklace


8. Pet Photo Necklaces

If your pet died and was not cremated, a locket pendant can be another thoughtful gift for a friend or yourself. With a paw print locket pendant holding a photo of your beloved pet, they will always be with you. You can wear this necklace wherever you go to keep your life warm.


9. Pet Keychain

Make your pet a unique keepsake gift by customizing a pet keychain with an image of your lost pet. This is a special gift for anyone. As an everyday item, a keychain is something everyone needs. With this keychain, you will see your lost pet every time you use the keychain.


10. Personalized dog photo pillow

DIY a personalized pet photo pillow with the image of your loved pet. A pet photo pillow is great for home decoration and can also be a great companion. Leaning on top of the pillow, you will feel like your pet is still with you. The adorable personalized pet photo cushion is the perfect gift for kids, parents and any other pet lover in your life!
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