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Ways to Comfort Grieving Parents Who Lost Child

Ways to Comfort Grieving Parents Who Lost Child

Losing a child is very sad for parents. Whether it is an unborn child or a child who has grown up for a period of time, they all embody the hard work of their parents. Miscarriage and death are taboo topics that everyone is unwilling to bring up, and the pain of bereavement is a dark corner that everyone wants to avoid. Compared with the loss of other loved ones, the loss of a child is the most distressing. You will often think of every moment of her growth in the process of getting along with your child. The first time she walked, the first time she called her mother, the first time she went to school, etc., these fond memories will remind you that your child is no longer there.

However, this thought is incorrect. Everyone should face the pain of losing a child, it is a grief that needs to be spoken. The voices of parents who have lost their children need to be heard and taken seriously by this society. Over a long period of time, they will have a variety of emotions. Knowing this may help you better comfort your friends and get along better with them. Remember, they need your attention. If your friend is facing this situation, we have provided some ways to comfort them.

Learn to listen

Be a good listener. For parents who have just lost a child, they need an outlet. It is very difficult for them to take the initiative to bring this up. You can give him a call or ask if it is convenient to visit him. You can communicate face to face, sincere communication and effective listening can allow her to vent out all the distress in her heart. You don't have to talk too much, just listen to her and it will make her feel better.


The famous writer Hawking once said: "It is not what you say that counts, but the tears you shed on my cheek." Bereavement is very long-lasting, and many parents still often feeling so sad. Everything seemed to them just happened yesterday. For them, there is no need for too many words, only quiet company.


Invite them to participate in some activities

Making life full can sometimes soften your grief. You can invite your friends to hike, climb mountains, travel together, and liberate your heart during the journey. But don't think it's unrealistic for them to completely forget the loss of their child. During the journey, you need to keep an eye on their emotional and physical states to help them better adjust themselves

Forget Grief Theory

Grief Theory holds that there are 5 stages of grief, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. If you stay in a certain stage for a long time, you may feel anxious. Don't worry, there's no rulebook for how grief goes. Everyone grieves at different times. You need to accept whatever emotions you have, and embrace emotions like sadness, anger, loneliness, etc.

Send him a heartwarming memorial gift

Send him a locket pendant would be very heartwarming. Locket symbolizes love and affection, which opens to preserve the photo of your loved one. If your friend is keep grieving about his or her child's death, send him a locket necklace which can be used to hold the child photo. Take this locket necklace out, he or she will feel the loved one is still by his side.

photo locket necklace

The cremation urn necklace is designed to save the memory of your deceased loved one. A small amount of cremated ashes and hair can be preserved inside the mini urn of the necklace. It comes in all shapes, styles, sizes, and price ranges depending on your needs.

cremation urn necklace

Sending condolences to your friend on the anniversary of his child's death

Few people continue to send condolences to a friend in the second or third year after their child's death. You can send your friend a memorial gift, a cremation urn necklace would be a good option. Personalize the cremation urn necklace with the photo of deceased child and memorial words you want to say. Send this necklace to your friend for condolences, your friend will be touched.

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What can You Say to friends who just lost a child?

You need to be there for your friend as he grieves the loss of a child. You can say: "I'm here with you, if you have anything to say, just say it. You can cry as much as you want." Give them plenty of time to talk without interrupting them or trying to influence them with your thoughts. Or you can reminisce with her about the good times of her toddler so that she only remembers the good things. Although the children leave them, as long as they always remember their children in their hearts, the children will live in this world forever. We collect some condolence messages that can be sent to friends who lost a child.

We will always remember Bob.
He will be missed by all who knew him.
You are not alone.
Our love for him/her will never fade.
Please know that we care for you and your family.

Don't say these to parents who just lost a child

Don't preach to a friend who has lost a child, and don't say inappropriate things like "time heals everything", "it would be nice to have another child", "he went to a better place". Please don't assume you understand how your friend feels. Even if you have been through the same experience, you can't empathize too much. So don't try to talk about the children you've lost, every experience, every parent relationship is unique.

When is the appropriate time to express condolences?

People who have experienced the death of a loved one have a great need for the greeting and concern of friends. If you are very close, you should contact him immediately to let him know that someone is thinking about him and can help them. If you are just friends, you can offer your condolences to your friend at the funeral or memorial service of the deceased.

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