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Guide to Memorial Gifts in 2023

Guide to Memorial Gifts in 2023

Losing a loved one is a traumatic experience that is difficult for everyone to get through, and the comfort of friends is especially crucial at this time. You can help your friend who has just lost a loved one, such as giving them a phone call, accompanying them, helping them to shop, taking care of their pets, and so on.

If you want to get them a suitable memorial gift, it is very difficult. A condolence gift is not easy to choose, you can send a bouquet of flowers, a condolence card, and so on. In this article, we will introduce you to thoughtful memorial gifts that you can choose based on your relationship with your friend and your knowledge of them.

1. Grief support books

The power of words is infinite, if your friend keeps a habit of reading. For someone who has lost a loved one, a grief support book can be a heartwarming gift of sympathy. Grief One Day at a Time: 365 Meditations to Help You Heal After Loss - by Alan Wolfert, Ph. Written by psychotherapist and grief counselor Dr. Alan, this book offers 365 meditations that can bring you peace and tranquility and guard you through your grief. Healing After Loss: Daily Meditations for Moving Through Grief" - by Martha W. Hickman. The classic guide to dealing with grief and loss. After losing a loved one and sticking with the meditation, you will gain a new understanding of how you feel after the death of a family member. Help your friend find peace in the books.

 grief book

2. Essential Oil

Essential oil is a compound extracted by machines from flowers, leaves, bark, and other plants. One of the wide uses is aromatherapy. You can use essential oils for massage when you meditate, after bathing, or after exercising. Essential oils can also help alleviate depression and anxiety to some extent. It is a good comforting product. It may not be directly effective in relieving sadness, but when you are in a state of total relaxation after bathing, using an essential oil massage will relax your brain and your mood so that you no longer feel tired. This is very helpful for people who have excessive mood ups and downs.

 essential oil

3. Memorial Jewelry

Memorial jewelry is a wonderful condolence gift for friends, including cremation urn necklaces, creating memorial urns, memorial stones, etc. Memorial jewelry often contains elements with sentimental value, such as a small portion of ashes, a lock of hair, or a personalized engraving. These tangible reminders can create a sense of closeness and connection to a deceased loved one, providing comfort during the grieving process. It often contains symbols and designs that are meaningful to the individual or representative of the deceased. For example, a pendant necklace in the shape of a heart or angel wings can symbolize love and protection. This symbolism can serve as a source of comfort and a reminder of the enduring presence of a loved one. By wearing a custom urn necklace, our loved ones will be with us wherever we go. Fanerysue offers uniquely designed jewelry that helps customers honor their loved ones in style. Wear your loved one in your heart and show how much you cherish them.

 urn necklaces

4. Photo Album

DIY a photo album for your friend is a very heart-warming gesture. Add photos of his deceased loved ones to the album and write some condolence words of comfort on it. This well-made album will become a precious memory for him. Let the faces and smiles of the deceased loved ones stay in the photos and be preserved in this beautiful album. Of course, you need to get his consent for these photos. These photos can not only be made into a photo album but can also be put on the wall, stuck in a notebook, etc.

 photo album

6. Writing Journal

Giving a writing journal as a gift to a friend who has recently lost a family member can be a thoughtful and meaningful gesture. Grief can be a complex and overwhelming experience, and journaling can provide a safe and private space for your friend to express their thoughts, emotions and memories. Writing can be a therapeutic tool that allows them to process their feelings and navigate through the grief process. Journaling provides an opportunity for self-reflection and introspection. It allows your friend to explore their thoughts, memories, and emotions.

writing journal

By giving a journal notebook, you are showing your friend that you understand their need for self-expression and providing them with a gift that supports their emotional well-being. It demonstrates your care and support during this challenging time, highlighting your consideration of their individual needs.


7. Personalized keychains

Personalized keychain is a perfect gift for your loved boyfriend/husband, wearing it with bags, keys, etc. It can remind your lover keep safe no matter what he is doing. Customize your memorial keychain with your picture & engrave memorial words. It would be much more special and meaningful as a memorial gift.


8. Memorial lantern

A memorial lantern is a type of lantern that is used as a symbol of remembrance and tribute to a deceased loved one. It is often lit in memory of the person who has passed away, typically during memorial services, funerals, or other occasions to honor their memory. You can personalize the memorial lantern with dates and words.

memorial lantern

Memorial gifts mentioned above are listed for your reference and they will all express your heart. Especially when you give your friend a customized gift that is just for him, he will be very touched. This love and support will make your friendship even stronger.

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