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Tips for Saving Funeral Expenses

Tips for Saving Funeral Expenses

How much does it cost to hold a funeral? The cost of a funeral includes a number of things, including the casket, transportation, and more. In the United States, the average cost of a funeral is between $7,000 and $12,000. The average cost of a cremation is around $7,000. And in the UK, the average cost of holding a funeral is £5,000. For most people, the cost of a funeral is such a heavy financial burden. In this article, we will provide some tips for people who need to save money on funeral expenses. However, saving money on funeral expenses does not mean that the funeral service is unsatisfactory, we need to reduce the cost while ensuring the funeral service. If you are planning a funeral for your loved one, reading this article will be of great help to you.

Communicate with your family

It is essential to communicate with your loved one, his suggestions will make your funeral planning clearer. Did he want a burial, cremation, aquamation or green burial? If cremation is chosen, what does he want to do with the ashes? We can fill the keepsake cremation urn with cremated ashes that can be distributed to people who come to the funeral as a memorial gift, or we can make the ashes of the deceased into memorial jewelry, such as a custom urn necklace, cremation urn ring, etc. Ask your loved one if he or she has life insurance. There are some types of insurance that pay a death benefit after the death of the deceased. A death benefit can help ease the burden of a funeral.

communicate with family

Opt for cremation

The new coronavirus epidemic, which has led to a massive rise in deaths, has boosted the funeral industry. The economic downturn has also led to a reduction in most families and an increase in the number of people choosing cremation due to the low cost. If you choose direct cremation, the average cost is $1,000-$3,000. Direct cremation means that there is no need to embalm the body or to purchase a casket. The body can be transported directly to the funeral home for cremation. If you need other additional services such as embalming of the body, viewing services for the cremated body, purchase of a headstone, casket, etc., the cost of cremation can increase significantly. The average cost of a cremation with services included is $7,000.

Buy what is necessary

Remember to keep your head in the game when purchasing funeral-related items and services. First, be clear about what you need and make a list of your needs before you go out. Going shopping based on needs will not only save you time more than it will help you save money. For example, do you need a coffin or a casket, what material do you need for the coffin, do you need to buy an adult coffin or a toddler coffin, etc.? The salesperson will usually imply to you that your loved one's funeral needs to be lavish and once in a lifetime, to make it as beautiful as possible. Most people will be convinced by this reasoning, and too many unnecessary funeral services are a major reason why funeral costs are out of budget.

Buy your own casket and urn

Buying your own casket can save you a great deal of money. Caskets are available in a variety of materials, such as wood, stainless steel, bronze, etc. If you want to know how to choose the right casket, you can read "Casket or Coffin? What's the Difference and How to Choose". Caskets can cost thousands of dollars, and choosing the right casket for your needs will save you a lot of money. If you choose cremation, an urn is essential. You can also choose to place the urn in a casket and bury it underground. Besides the traditional casket, keepsake urn with a photo of the deceased is the choice of most people. A cremation urn necklace is another heartful way to preserve the cremated ashes of deceased family members. The cremation urn necklace can only hold a spoon of ashes, however, it can keep you close to your lovers. The urn necklace for ashes can be distributed as keepsakes to the guests.

cremation urn necklace

Shop around

Prices for the same services or items can vary greatly from one funeral home to another. A cooperative funeral home may be able to provide the services you need, but the price is usually more expensive. You will need to find more businesses and ask them for specific services and prices. You may only go to stores near your home to purchase the appropriate items, and the prices at these places may not vary much. You can try buying items such as caskets, urns, etc. online, or go to a store in a neighboring city. You may be surprised by the prices in neighboring stores. By comparing prices from multiple stores, you will save a significant amount of money.

Holding a memorial service at home

A memorial service is a ceremony that memorializes and honors the deceased after the body has been cremated or buried. If you choose to hold the memorial service at a dedicated venue, the cost of renting the venue will be significant. We suggest that you hold the memorial service at home, you can make a simple arrangement, such as making a photo wall of the deceased, making a PowerPoint or video to show the life of the deceased. These are very memorable. You can also purchase some flowers to decorate the site.

memorial service

Complete some memorial service online

While obituaries, funeral cards, etc. used to require paper cards, we now have the option of completing all of this online. There are many memorial websites that offer free memorial services and you can easily complete a memorial video. You can also post obituaries directly on the website, allowing you to upload multiple pictures of the deceased, and there is no word limit on the number of words in the biography of the deceased.

Check the funeral service package

Some funeral homes offer bundled services, such as having to purchase an urn or casket that they provide. If you sign a contract without checking the price package carefully, you will be spending money unnecessarily. It is essential to check the funeral service package carefully.

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