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Casket or Coffin? What's the difference and How to Choose

Casket or Coffin? What's the difference and How to Choose

You may be facing the death of a loved one, and purchasing a casket is the first thing you need to do. You may have never known anything about coffins until now. Read this article to know the difference of coffin and casket and how to choose a suitable one.

Coffin comes from the French word "Cofin", and in 1700, an English law launched to allow all people to be buried in coffins. Prior to this, coffins were mostly reserved for the wealthiest members of society, and the poorest were usually buried in shrouds or twisted sheets and placed directly into the ground. With the introduction of new laws, the use of coffins in the British American colonies gradually increased. By the time of the American Civil War, there was a gradual shift to the use of caskets instead of coffin. The death of many soldiers and people sparked a revolution in the funeral industry, and the demand for caskets increased dramatically. Compared with coffin, casket- this new noun seems to be more respected to the deceased.

What's the difference between a coffin and a casket?

A coffin is a container used to hold the dead body of the deceased for viewing and burial. The top of a coffin is wider than the bottom to conform to the shape of the person. Coffin has six sides and usually does not have a hinged lid or rails for easy transport.


In the United States, most funerals use a casket, which is a container designed specifically to hold the dead body. If burial is chosen, the casket will be buried directly in the ground. If cremation is chosen, the casket can be used to store the body and make it easier for funeral attendees to come and watch and mourn, provided the body is embalmed. You should now be able to clearly picture what a casket looks like. it is rectangular in shape and often has carrying bars on It is rectangular in shape and often has carrying bars on either side that hinge, with a higher standard of craftsmanship. Unlike coffin, casket has four sides.


Does the price vary between these two?

Yes, the price of these two varies. The shape affects price, and the bottom of the coffin is made wider than the top to save material. Casket has more decoration, higher standard of workmanship and material. Casket can be made of metal, wood, glass and other materials, the casket price of different materials also varies.

How to choose a Casket?

Consider what your loved one want

Considering what your loved one wants is the most important point in buying a suitable casket. If your loved one's ideas are traditional, it is usually better to choose a mahogany colored wooden casket. If practicality is a consideration, you can choose a casket made of stainless steel. If your loved one was an environmental lover, choose a biodegradable casket. The price of a wooden casket can range from $500$-5000$, while a metal casket usually costs more than $2000$. Finding multiple casket suppliers to compare the price of different materials is the first thing we need to do.

Casket Material and Size

Wood and metal are the common casket types, metal materials are bronze, steel. Ordinary steel made of casket cost will be a little cheaper than bronze. Stainless steel casket will be more durable, but the price will be more expensive than ordinary steel. Wood has many types, for example, high cost walnut, cherry, low cost pine and willow, etc. You can also choose eco-friendly types of caskets, such as those made of bamboo, wicker, etc. Caskets made of biological materials such as bamboo can easily decompose during burial. Most people choose stainless steel caskets because they are affordable and less prone to corrosion. Adults and teenagers need different sizes of caskets, and in the case of minors, smaller caskets are required.

Where to buy

You can buy your own casket online or in a store, or you can buy a casket from a partner funeral home, but it will be more expensive than buying your own. Some people are concerned that the funeral home will not accept the casket if they purchase it themselves. Rest assured, the law states that funeral homes cannot reject caskets purchased by customers on their own. Also, you can contact the cemetery staff to see if the cemetery has requirements for the material of the casket.

Casket design

Buying a finished casket directly will be cheaper than a custom casket. However, a custom casket can reflect more personalized elements. If you are a religious person, you can have some religious symbols engraved on the casket when you customize the casket.

Casket interiors

Casket interiors can also be freely chosen. Good quality interiors such as velvet and satin interiors will also cost more, and you can even choose different colors of interiors. Women usually prefer white or purple liners.

You can pick a suitable coffin or casket before the death of your loved one, and you will have plenty of time to think about the details. Besides a casket, a cremation urn is also needed. The leading memorial jewelry supplier FanerySue, provides a cost-effective keepsake urn that can hold a small portion of cremated ashes. Getting it as a condolence gift for people who attend the ceremony would be a good choice.

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