In 2013, Sue graduated from college and ran a handmade jewelry store. 2 years later, he sells them online, but business was slow. When Sue wanted to give up, he heard about the loss of his grandfather. At his grandfather's funeral, everyone was immersed in grief. Sue thought, faced with the loss of a loved one, what could he do?

Sue returned home and carved a small necklace of ashes out of wood and put his grandfather's ashes in it, then wore it around his neck. Sue felt that his grandfather was still with him. He hopes that more people will strike a chord with him. He started selling these ashes necklaces online.

In 2018, Sue established his own brand, FanerySue, which he hopes will preserve the most precious love and memories for all customers.

Besides the online shop, FanerySue has put the brand concept into social media platforms and has a huge following on social media. FanerySue has set up a story-sharing group on Facebook and encourages everyone to share their stories in this group.

More and more customers were attracted to FanerySue. However, Sue was reading the heartwarming stories left by the community members when a hot post was pushed up and caught her eye. “As I hid in my room, afraid to leave, I saw my mother and father arguing in the living room, my mother swallowing a whole bottle of drugs, and my dad left after taking all the money. When I got my mother to the hospital, it was already too late. My mother died and I can't forgive myself, so I'm saying goodbye to the world and praying for her.” Sue quickly read all the words. The day his grandfather left instantly flooded Sue's mind, and the account stopped working forever after that...

After that, he started seeing a psychiatrist and received psychological treatment, but he was also constantly thinking about what the image of FanerySue should be. What kind of help and support should be provided to users? To provide better service to his customers, Sue began studying psychology. He wanted to be more than just the founder of FanerySue.

Sue took psychology courses and became a psychologist. Keeping a journal of his clients' counseling cases and their emotions was something Sue started doing with their permission. He designs beautiful journals and advises people to write down their memorable moments in a journal so that they can keep all the love and memories forever.

FanerySue is dedicated to making these stories become a great power of love and memories, guiding those who cannot recover from the sadness of the past out of their pain; encouraging everyone to remember the precious moment with photos and stories and to cherish what they have now.

Since 2018, over 100 thousand customers have recorded their precious life moments with FanerySue. Fashionable and heart-touching products, high quality, beautiful gift wrapping, an affordable price, and excellent customer service are the reasons that we have a good reputation among our customers. Each jewelry piece holds a special memory that is sure to make you smile and give meaning.