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How to Hold Cremation Ceremony?

How to Hold Cremation Ceremony?

Cremation has attracted more and more people's eyes in recent years due to its affordability and flexibility compared to traditional funeral and burial practices. However, many families do not fully know the cremation process. We will provide cremation families and readers with detailed information about cremation in this article.

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What is cremation?

Cremation can be used as a post-funeral ritual or an alternative to burial. In some countries, including India and Nepal, open-air cremation is an ancient tradition. Starting in the 19th century, cremation was introduced to other parts of the world. Today cremation is usually performed in a closed oven at the crematorium. The average cremation leaves 2.4 kilograms (5.3 pounds) of remains, or ashes, as they are often called. This is not all ashes, but also includes fragments of unburned bone mineral, which are usually ground into powder. They do not pose any phoenix risk and can be buried in a memorial site, retained by relatives or scattered in various ways according to family wishes. (Quoted from Wikipedia)

Why do people choose cremation?

Some people choose cremation for simple reasons, such as low cost, flexibility and environmental friendliness. John's grandfather passed away last summer and "his last wish was to be cremated after he died because he didn't want to be left alone at the bottom after he died. After the cremation, we can either offer his ashes at home or buy keepsake urns. Keepsake urn is a mini cremation urn that can be used to hold small portions of ashes to distribute to different family members," he said. A personalized urn necklace can be another good choice, combine your loved one's ashes with memorial jewelry. This new idea was embraced by more people these years. A cremation necklace you can carry around wherever you go, the photos and memorial words can also be customized.

Some people also fear that after death, the bones are buried underground, and many years later, due to urban construction and other reasons, the bones are re-excavated and cannot be put to rest. A small number of people, who do not want to stay in coffins due to confinement phobia, also choose to cremate their bodies after death. At the same time, cremation offers unparalleled flexibility. People can spread cremated ashes in many ways, such as mixed with fireworks, spread on a memorial tree, spread into the sea, etc. You can read " How to dispose of Loved One's Ashes" to get more detailed information.

How to hold a cremation ceremony?

Normally, families will not be notified to watch the cremation process. However, if you do have a request, contact the funeral home staff in advance. Check with them to see if they offer such a service. Some funeral homes have set up cremation viewing stations where families will be allowed to watch the cremation process but only the human remains transportation part. Once the body enters the cremator and starts to burn, the family will not be able to see it. If you have decided to choose a cremation ceremony, there are something you need to know. We share some tips below for your reference.

  1. Notice all your family members to make sure they all agree to cremated the passed elderly.
  2. Decide when to hold the cremation, determine in advance when each family member will be available, and allow them to participate fully in the funeral service.
  3. Choose the music to be played at the cremation, some sad music is more likely to enhance the atmosphere and cause everyone to remember the deceased.
  4. Prepare a cremation urn in advance to hold the cremated ashes. You can purchase some mini keepsake urns, which is small size cremation urn. It can hold a tablespoon of cremation ashes. Distribute the keepsake urns to your family members for memory.
  5. Collect some family photos or memorial words for later memorial service after the cremation. It can be a favorite song of the dead or a hymn. Family can share stories between them and the passed one. Of course, a memorial service is not necessary; it is entirely up to you.
  6. If you don't have the free time to plan a full funeral, you can work with a professional funeral company. funneral planners will help your guys make a detailed plan.

The entire cremation process takes about three hours to complete, but it can take longer for the family to receive the body. Funeral homes usually only cremate one body at a time and have a complete identification system in case someone claims the wrong ashes. For a traditional cremation, the body will be placed in a cremator with a temperature of up to 982℃. The body will be fully burned in the crematorium, burning off body parts and fat. Cremation has become the most popular since 2015, and the number of people opting for cremation is also on the rise. If someone you love is about to die, you can prepare related matters in advance. Above are some matters you need to know about the cremation, hope the information we shared can help you. If you are also considering burial, you can read "Cremation or Burial? Which One Do You Prefer".
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