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Guide to Purchase Cremated Ashes Jewelry

Guide to Purchase Cremated Ashes Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is a type of jewelry in which the ashes of a deceased loved one can be placed inside the jewelry. Although cremated ashes jewelry is most useful for preserving ashes, it can also be used to hold hair, perfume, etc. If your loved one has chosen cremation, cremated ashes jewelry is a great option for paying tribute to a loved one. Choosing the right cremated ash jewelry can be a challenge for most people, so read this article for information on buying cremation jewelry.


Do you want cremation jewelry or memorial jewelry?

There are many kinds of cremation jewelry including cremation urn necklaces, bracelets, rings, keychains, pendants, mini keepsake urns, and so on. As we mentioned above, the cremation urn necklace is used to hold cremated remains such as ashes. It's a perfect way to memorize your loved one. While memorial jewelry is not connected to ashes, cremation remains, picture necklaces and locket pendants can be called memorial jewelry. You can customize the picture necklace or locket necklace with photos and words you want to engrave on the necklace. These memorial pieces of jewelry can be great gifts for holidays and anniversaries, such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, etc. They can be sent to friends or family at any time you like. However, the cremation jewelry can only be gifts for friends who just lost their family or lover.


 cremated ashes jewelry

Do you want to keep cremation ash jewelry at home or carry it out?

If you want to keep cremation ash jewelry at home, a mini keepsake urn would be your best choice. A mini keepsake urn can hold a small amount of cremated ashes, usually between 1-36 cubic inches. You need to carefully check the sizes of the keepsake urn before purchasing. The best thing about keeping a keepsake memorial urn is that it can be distributed to family members and friends for a memorial. Distributing ashes is now an increasingly common practice. If you want to carry around cremated ashes, the necklace, or ring can be your better choice.


How many ashes do you need to store?

Before purchasing a cremation urn, you need to confirm how many ashes you need to transfer to the urn. One pound of human weight is equivalent to one cubic cremated ashes. When you select the cremation urn, the supplier will no doubt display the size of the urn, remember to check the urn size carefully. If you need to store adult ashes, one adult-size cremation urn can be suitable for you. If you want mini urns which can be distributed as memorial gifts, a keepsake memorial urn is your best option. If you want to store the ashes of two people, you can choose a companion cremation urn.


Which design do you prefer?

Do you want cremation jewelry with unique design? A stylish cremation necklace can not only help you keep close to your loved one but also a fashion decor for your daily wear. FanerySue offers a wide variety of cremated ashes jewelry including urn necklace, cremation urn keychain, keepsake urn rings, mini keepsake urns, etc. Angel wing cremation necklace, butterfly urn necklace, sunflower cremation jewelry necklace, heart urn necklace, etc


Find the right cremation jewelry supplier

The right cremation urn necklace supplier is necessary for us since cremation jewelry means so much to us. We take it as inner sustenance, unique and fashionable design is also needed. More young people choose cremation jewelry not only to memorize their lost lover but also as daily decor. As the leading manufacturer in the cremation jewelry industry, FanerySue focuses on product quality and unique jewelry design.


Cremation jewelry frequently asked questions

1. How do I transfer the cremated ash into the cremation necklace?

Open your cremation jewelry necklace, exposing the space inside to contain the ashes. Place the funnel in the open section and gently tap the ashes into the necklace. The main thing is not to fill it too full, you should leave enough space to install the fixing screws. The cremation necklace usually comes with a tool to hold the ashes, so don't worry.


2. Which type of cremation jewelry should I get?

FanerySue offers cremation necklaces, cremation urn keychains, urn bracelets, cremation urn rings, etc. You can select based on your needs.


3. Will my cremation jewelry rust or tarnish?

No, your cremation jewelry won't rust or tarnish as time goes by, you can believe us, and keep wearing the unique cremation necklace provided by FanerySue.
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