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8 Special Pet Memorial Ideas

8 Special Pet Memorial Ideas

More and more people are raising pets. People who don't have pets may say:-"Pets require a lot of time, energy and money." Unbeknownst to them, in the process of getting along with our pets, it looks like it is the pets who need our care, but in fact, more often than not, it is us who need our pets. Pets are our best companions and can ease the loneliness of the soul. Playing with pets can not only regulate life and relax, but also increase the sense of security for the whole family. Do you remember the day you first adopted your pet? The whole family was excited to welcome the pet and name him. When they leave this world, we feel uncontrollable sadness and loneliness. Saying goodbye to our beloved pets is not an easy thing for us, yet their passing is an irreversible event. We need to regroup and be positive about life. There are some steps we can take to honor our pets and keep them alive in our hearts forever.

1. Get pet memorial gifts

Pet memorial gifts are used to honor departed pets and help families remember them forever. Not only can you buy pet memorial gifts for your family and friends, but you can also give yourself a pet memorial gift if your pet has sadly passed away. You can send your friend a bouquet of flowers to express condolences for his pet's passing, but of course the most heartfelt pet memorial gifts are the customized ones that are thoughtful and help to preserve pet's memories. Pet urn necklace is a great pet memorial gift. it can be used to preserve a small portion of cremated pet ashes, photos of you and your pet and memorial words can also be customized. Or you can have the date you adopted your pet engraved on the back of the necklace.

picture necklace

If your pet has passed away a long time ago or you don't have the pet's ashes, you can also customize a picture necklace or locket necklace. A personalized picture necklace can also help you honor your lost pet. Another significant pet memorial gift is the pet memorial stone. If you have buried your pet's body in your garden, you can customize a pet memorial stone to place in your garden. A pet memorial stone is the equivalent of a small pet tombstone where you can place a bouquet of flowers on the anniversary of your dog's death or on his birthday to commemorate him.


2. Create a pet photo wall

You and your pet must have had a lot of good memories and left a lot of good photos. You can make a pet photo wall at home by printing out photos of you and your pet and sticking them on the wall, or printing them out and framing them. These photos might have been taken together at the park, or maybe you took them together on a walk. Look at these photos and the memories of your relationship will always be in your heart.

pet photo wall


3. Organize a memorial for your pet

When your pet passes away, you can help organize a memorial for him. Invite your family and friends to the memorial so you can talk to them about your pain and loneliness. If you don't know how to set up a memorial, you can also ask for help from experienced friends or find an organization that specializes in planning memorial.


4. Join an animal protection organization

In what way did you know your pet? Was it a gift from a friend, a stray dog picked up on the side of the road, or adopted from a rescue shelter? Even though our pets have passed away, there are many more pets that need our help. We can join an animal protection organization to help more animals in need. This is also a great way to honor the memory of a deceased pet.


5. Get some home ornaments about pets

You can buy some home ornaments about pets to decorate your home. For example, you can customize your pet's photo pillow, custom pet candle, personalized 3d crystal photo, etc. These ornaments with pet's elements keep the good memories between you and your pet. Even if your pet passes away, you and your family can still feel his presence.


6. Customized Artwork

You can contact a famous local artist and ask him to paint an oil painting of your pet and frame it. If you are very good at painting, you can also paint a portrait of your pet yourself. Or you can customize your own ashes diamond by incorporating your pet's ashes into a diamond. This diamond can be made into a ring or a necklace.


7. Tattoo engraving

Tattoos are a great way to memorialize your pet, and some people choose to have their pet's head drawn as a tattoo. Tattoos are a permanent memory, and you can also have a tattoo artist design a unique pet image for you. Some people believe that tattoos are harmful to the body and compromise the integrity of the body. Some people can accept tattoos in honor of their pets.

 pet tatoo engraving

8. Get a shadow box

A shadow box can be used to store not only photos of your pet, but also toys, collars and more. All pet related items can be put in this box. Whenever you open a shadow box, everything in it will bring back fond memories of your pet.
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