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Meaningful Ways to Memorize Mothers

Meaningful Ways to Memorize Mothers

Losing mother is a traumatic experience that most people willl go through in life, and although death removes the physical body of the mother from this world, we always keep the memories associated with her. From the time we are ripped from our mother's body at birth, we have an indissoluble bond with our mothers. Even when they die, this connection does not disappear, but lives on in our memories forever. David Eagleman, a post-doctoral neurologist, once mentioned in his book, Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives, that The first time is when your heart stops and your breathing fades and you are biologically declared dead; the second time is when people attend your funeral and you die. The third time is when people attend your funeral and you cease to exist in society; and the third time is when the last person in the world who remembers you forgets you. There are many writers who have paid tribute to mothers.

All the glory and pride of the world comes from mothers. ---- Gorky
To me, my mother seems to be the most marvelous woman I've ever known ...... I've met too many people in the world, but I've never met a woman as graceful as my mother. If I have accomplished anything, it is due to her. --Charles Chaplin
From my mother I got happiness and the joy of telling stories. --Goethe
One good mother is worth a hundred teachers. --George Herbert

When our mothers are gone from us forever, in order to keep their images and memories in our hearts forever. We can honor them in many ways. In this article, we have provided some ways to memorize our mothers.

1. Tell your children stories about their grandmothers

Telling your children stories about their grandmothers after dinner or on a free weekend can be a great way for the whole family to better honor the memory of their departed grandmothers. Perhaps your mother passed away when your children were very young and your children don't have many memories of their grandmother. By telling them your story, they can learn more and deepen their memories of their grandmother.

communicate with children

2. Remember her with memorial keepsake

If your mother is dying or has just passed away, you can customize a cremation urn necklace. The cremation urn necklace has a small urn inside that holds a small spoonful of ashes. In addition to this, the cremation urn necklace can be customized with a picture of your mother and memorial words. Wearing a custom urn necklace for ashes will make you feel like your mother is with you at all times. Don't worry, these cremation urn necklaces can be very bulky or unfashionable. Urn ash necklaces supplier is devoted to designing necklaces of new types. You are free to choose a memorial necklace with a fashion design. If your mother has passed away for a long time, don't worry, you can have a customized picture necklace or locket pendant. These two types of urn ash necklaces cannot hold ashes, but they can also be customized with a picture of your loved one and memorial words.

urn ash necklace

3. Doing charity in her name

Doing charity is a very good way to honor the memory of your deceased mother, you can contact your local Red Cross and donate the money directly to them so that the Red Cross staff can help those in need. Donating money directly to local orphanages and nursing homes is also a great way to do this. If your family loved pets, you can also donate directly to an animal protection organization in your mother's name. The people who were helped will always remember the donor, and even if your mother passes away, she will still be remembered.

doing charity

4. Plan a memorial on her death anniversary

A year after your mother's death doesn't mean the end of grief, and from time to time we are reminded of the past in an unguarded moment. Our busy schedules and lives do not allow us to spare time to properly honor our mothers. However, we can plan a special event in honor of our mother on the anniversary of her death. You can invite some friends and family to your home to mourn together, buy some flowers, create a photo wall, and a simple yet cozy arrangement that will make most people feel comfortable. You can also create an online memorial video, memorial wall etc.

5. Record thoughts about your mother

Keeping a journal is a great way to honor your mother. You have a lot of unique memories with your mother that no one else has, or you have a lot of things on your mind that you can't talk to anyone about. You can write down what's on your mind in a journal. Put a picture of your mother in the journal and write what you want to say to her underneath the picture. Look at the diary and the memories of your past will come back to you.

6. Plant a memorial tree

Planting a memorial tree is a great way to honor your mother after her death. You can contact places that specialize in planting memorial trees and call the whole family together. You can all take six rounds of digging a hole and planting a sapling, which can be sprinkled with a little bit of your loved one's ashes. The staff will look after the memorial tree for you when you are not available. You can come and loosen the soil and fertilize the tree on specific days, such as your mother's birthday, the anniversary of the death, and so on.

plant a memorial tree

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