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Best Songs to Play At Funeral And Memorial

Best Songs to Play At Funeral And Memorial

The sudden death of a loved one can overwhelm most families and you have to complete the funeral in a very short period of time. A memorial service can be held a few weeks or even 2 months after the funeral, as it is not necessary to have the dead body present at the memorial service. Even though a professional funeral planner can help you plan a perfect funeral, there are still some details that need to be confirmed by the family of the deceased. Confirming the music to be played at funerals and memorial services is a significant thing.


Why do people play songs at funerals?

Music plays an important role in our lives, whether it's a birthday or a wedding, music is always with us. Music at funerals is also very important as it helps us to personalize the funeral and give a special touch to a dull funeral. Music sets the tone of the entire funeral and memorial service - somber, sad, uplifting. When the music is played, everyone is immersed in the memories of the deceased. As the music plays, memories of our time with the deceased come to us. Healing music can help us walk through the grief. At the same time, music is a very personalized service and everyone has different preferences for music. The music at a funeral can be one of the deceased's favorite songs from his or her life, or it can be sad classical music, or it can be related to the faith of the deceased. It continues throughout the funeral and heals everyone who comes to the funeral and memorial service. The atmosphere created by funeral music infects everyone who comes to the funeral.

We have collected some of the music played at funerals and memorial services in this article to help you decide on a song list for your funeral and memorial service.

Classical music for funerals

Percy Grainger – Irish Tune from County Derry
Arvo Pärt – Cantus
Pachelbel – Canon in D
Albinoni – Adagio in G minor
Mendelssohn: Allegretto from Sonata No. 4 in B flat
Howells: Psalm Prelude, Set 1, Op. 32 No. 2
De Grigny: Tierce en taille from Livre d'Orgue


Hymns play for funerals

Abide with Me
Great is Thy Faithfulness
Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer
Down to the River to Pray
Beautiful Savior


Uplifting songs for funerals

Drops of Jupiter By Train
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day
Three Little Birds by Bob Marley


Songs remembering grandparents

Tell You Something (Nana's Reprise) by Alicia Keys
Afire Love by Ed Sheeran
Save a Place for Me by Matthew West
My Angel by Kellie Pickler
Love, Me by Collin Raye
In My Life — The Beatles
Peace in the Valley — Johnny Cash


Songs remembering child

A Mother's Prayer' by K. Michelle
Beautiful Boy' by John Lennon
Streets of Heaven' by Sherrié Austin
You'll Be in My Heart'by Phil Collins


Songs for honoring a loved one

See You Again by Carrie Underwood
When I Get Where I'm Going by Brad Paisley & Dolly Parton
Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran
Make you feel my love by Adele
What hurts the most by Rascal Flatts


How to pick a song for funeral?

Choosing the right funeral music is not an easy task, you need to refer to the wishes of the deceased during his life. What were his favorite songs? Which was his favorite singer? Was he religious, if so you can use hymns at the funeral. Consider their personality, if they favored classical, they can choose a classical song. If they were optimistic and hopeful, choose an upbeat song. The choice of music is not absolute, but for those who love tradition and have religious beliefs, Albinoni by Adagio in G minor can awaken their respect for traditional classics and reveal feelings that words cannot express. If you're unsure or need further assistance, consult with the funeral director or a musician experienced in funeral arrangements. They can offer suggestions and guidance based on their expertise.

pick a funeral song

When to play songs at the funeral?

Typically, three to four songs should be played at a funeral. A song with a more somber tone is usually played at the beginning of the service. The music that is played at the beginning of the funeral can be classical music or hymns and so on. After the eulogy is read, a song is played in memory of a loved one, Whether you are mourning a deceased child, a loved one or a grandparent, you can choose a song specifically for them. The last song is played when the guests leave the funeral and has a relatively more upbeat tune that signals that everyone should be uplifted and move on to a new life.

Remember, there is no right or wrong song choice for a funeral. The most important aspect is to select a song that honors the memory of the departed and provides comfort and solace to those in mourning. Except for the funeral song, heartful memorial cremation jewelry can be perfect gifts for people who attend the funeral. For family members, we can take the urn ash necklace as gifts for each person. Urn ash necklace is used to preserve a small amount of cremated ashes and hair. Or you can purchase some keepsake urns, which are mini cremation urn used to hold a spoon of ashes. The songs played at the funeral and memorial jewelry are both significant parts in the memorial.
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